How to Workout While Traveling For Work

Making time to workout while traveling for work is tough. It is easy to take a holiday from your healthy lifestyle when you’re traveling, especially if you’re on vacation! Depending on your choice of a vacation or what you do for work, you might be having a pretty active trip, especially if you’re logging 15k+Read more

Chicken Devan (High Protein)

  For more lazy meal prep hacks using Rotisserie Chicken, check out my post here for 7 more meals to make from pre cooked chicken.

Meal Prep How To: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been on Instagram, Reddit, or Pinterest lately, the New Year is exploding with photos of #mealprep and #mealprepsunday. Check out this Meal Prep How to to get you started! Meal Prep How To: What is your goal? There are many reasons to meal prep, such as saving time or money, or being moreRead more

8 Meals from Rotisserie Chicken

10 Meals to Make from Rotisserie Chicken Sometimes cooking is hard. I struggle with feeding two people, so I can’t imagine having kids underfoot too! One of my favorite lazy meal prep hacks is to buy a rotisserie chicken and use it in everything. BBQ chicken pizza: This is definitely one of my favorite mealsRead more

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Weightlifters

Did you draw a weightlifter in secret Santa? Does your partner say things like WOD and have three pairs of shoes in their gym bag? Does your office or cubicle neighbor meal prep like a boss and hit the gym at 5am? Stumped on what to get them? Check out these gifts for weightlifters! TheseRead more

Healthy Habits to Start for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits to Start for Weight Loss Don’t wait for 2019, the start of the month, or Monday. No one climbs Everest without getting to Base Camp and acclimatizing there for a while before making the trek upward. Weight loss is my Everest- is it yours? You should start from a good, solid foundation toRead more

How to not gain weight at Christmas

It is so hard to stay on track and not gain weight at Christmas! Whether you’re starting or finished your weight loss journey, or just trying to avoid the holiday food baby, Christmas can be tough on the waistline. The holidays are when we spend time with family and friends, and so much of ourRead more

Self Care for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Between the financial and social commitment strains of the season, it’s a wonder we get through it at all sometimes. The holiday season is not without its challenges: we look for the perfect gifts and struggle to cope financially; we are run ragged from holiday parties and socialRead more

Get in the Holiday Spirit: Coping During Christmas

Get in the Holiday Spirit: Coping During Christmas. Tips and tricks to make the most of the holidays when you're feeling grinchy.

This is the tenth Christmas without my Dad and the fourth without my Mom. As an only child without bio-kids, Christmas feels a little less magical to me at times. I have to try really hard to get in the holiday spirit and trust me, I am not with it 100% of the time! EveryRead more

How to go back to the gym after a break

Trying to get back to the gym after life gets in the way?  Trust me, I know it’s not easy. Sometimes my days end at 4:30, and then other times I crawl home from work close to midnight. I’ve had three hours notice to get to the airport for a flight to another state whoRead more